Humana is a trusted name in the health insurance industry. They offer a wide range of plans, from employer group policies to Medicare options for individuals. If you're shopping around for a Medicare Advantage plan, they are definitely a place to consider. Here's a look at the plans they offer.

About Humana

Founded in 1961, Humana has a long history in the healthcare industry. The company began as a nursing home company and today offers a variety of health insurance products. Keeping true to their initial plans, Humana still offers many wellness services that they incorporate into every insurance policy.

This means that being a Humana member will likely afford you extra perks that many insurance companies of today don't offer. This aligns with Humana's integrated approach to supporting the overall well-being of each member. While not all Humana Medicare Advantage plans include access to wellness programs, many of them do.

Most Humana members will gain access to a variety of benefits, including their Go365 program. Go365 is an interesting wellness program that rewards you for healthy activities. Humana also offers the SilverSneakers Fitness Program. This program has more than 14,000 locations across the country where you can join classes, get at-home kits, and use various pieces fitness equipment. They also put on some outdoor health-centric events throughout the year.

In addition to these programs, Humana also offers benefits that just about any member can take care of. Things like their integrated 24/7 nurse advice hotline and their community programs help every member stay on top of their health. One thing that is especially beneficial for Humana Medicare members is the access to resources related to chronic disease management.

Humana is even breaking ground with their unexpected offerings, such as Humana Well Dine. That's a meal delivery program tailored to fit your health and nutritional requirements. But, regardless of whether or not you take advantage of all these extra perks, you'll certainly enjoy the attention to detail and overall assistance you'll get as a Humana member.

If you enroll in a Humana program, you'll benefit from dedicated team members and a commitment to providing you with great care every day of the year.

Overview of Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

Like all Medicare Advantage plans, those offered by Humana combine the benefits of Original Medicare with some great perks. In addition to what Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) offers, you'll also have the option to add Part D prescription drug coverage and some other benefits.

Humana's plans even give you the option to add dental and vision coverage for an affordable rate. In some cases, these extras might even come at no additional cost to your monthly plan premium. Here's a closer look at the different plan types that Humana offers.

Humana Gold Plus HMO

This plan is a HMO, or Health Maintenance Organization plan. It includes all of Original Medicare's benefits and may even include Part D prescription drug coverage and other extras. The exact coverage will vary by state and premiums will depend on multiple factors.

The main perks of this program include the ability to choose any primary care physician (PCP) within the plan's network. You'll also score an affordable monthly plan premium without having to pay a deductible or co-pays for in-network providers.

This plan can also give you prescription drug coverage equal to or better than the Medicare Part D standards. Plus, you get coverage for health emergencies both inside and outside of the United States. Most preventative screenings will also be free and you'll get covered for hospitalization too.

Humana Choice PPO

This plan is a PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. Like the other Medicare Advantage (MA) plans, you'll get all of the benefits of Original Medicare. As a PPO plan, you'll be able to visit any Medicare-approved doctor so long as they accept the plan's terms. However, you'll typically pay less if you stay within the plan's network.

This plan comes with many benefits, including affordable monthly plan premiums in most scenarios. It also gives you access to in-home healthcare through in-network providers. Plus, most annual preventative screenings will be free for you. You can even score a plan for fitness programs included, along with vision and dental coverage.

This plan also comes with the option to add prescription drug coverage that's equal to or better than the Part D plan available through Medicare. Like the Humana Gold Plus HMO, this plan will cover healthcare emergencies both inside and outside of the United States.

Humana Gold Choice PFFS

This plan is a PFFS, or private-fee-for-service plan. That means you can visit any Medicare-approved doctor or provider as long as they accept Humana's plan terms. PFFS plans are generally less popular and less widely available than HMO and PPO plans. But, they could be the perfect fit for you.

The primary benefit of this plan type is its flexibility. There is not a "plan network" that you have to stay within. Instead, you can see any doctor or provider as long as they have Medicare approval and agree to Humana's terms and conditions. This could give you more options in your area.

This plan includes other benefits, too. For instance, it offers full coverage for most preventative screenings. It also includes prescription drug coverage in most cases. Plus, it includes coverage for hospitalization and even emergency healthcare coverage when you're outside of the United States.

The plan determines how much Humana will pays providers for administering various services. It will also lay out how much you are responsible to pay out-of-pocket when you receive certain services.

Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

Humana is one of the few private insurance companies to offer Medicare Special Needs Plans. These plans are not available to the general public. Rather, SNPs tailor their coverage to fit the needs of a select group of individuals. You might qualify if you have a certain condition or health status.

Humana's special needs plans are currently available in more than 20 states across the country. They have two types of SNPs:

  • Chronic Condition Special Needs Plans: For individuals with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disorders, chronic heart failure, chronic lung disorders, and/or end-stage renal disease.
  • Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans: For individuals who qualify for both Medicare and a state-operated Medicaid plan.

The great thing about opting into a SNP is that the plan's network generally features the specialists needed to properly manage your condition, whereas any other Medicare Advantage plan may not have the specialists you need within the network. SNPs also work to coordinate care between all of your care providers, which can make for a more seamless and balanced approach to your health management.

Choosing A Plan

If you qualify for Medicare, your options can be simply overwhelming. Choosing between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare is the first hurdle you have to climb. For many people today, Medicare Advantage will be the clear winner thanks to its extra perks.

However, that's not the only thing you have to narrow down. Deciding between a HMO, PPO, PFFS, and SNP is the next step. HMOs generally have the lowest monthly premiums, but the most restrictions. They might require you to select a PCP, get a referral to see a specialist, and jump through other hoops.

On the other hand, PPOs and PFFS plans are often more flexible. They may have little to no restrictions on visiting certain providers and generally won't require referrals to see specialists. However, in addition to understanding the types of plans out there, you also need to choose the right carrier.

Medicare Advantage plans are only available through private insurance companies. So, it's important that you shop around in order to find the best rates. You also need to compare the plans available to make sure they include the benefits you need.

Quick Medigap is an easy tool that will help you do it. Start by plugging in your zip code and you'll get matched with carriers in your area in under two minutes. It's a fast and free way to find the perfect Medicare plan for your needs.