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our simple and honest approach

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How do Medicare insurance products work?

Supplements are secondary to Medicare and help cover some, if not all, of your out-of-pocket costs. Part C Advantage Plans work as primary insurance to cover Medicare approved services and offer a variety of out-of-pocket cost protections.

Your 2022 Medicare Costs

Medicare Part A Deductable

Medicare Hospital Stay

Medicare Skilled Nursing Facility

Medicare Outpatient Hospital Service

Basic Medicare Part A

$1,484 for each benefit period (up to 4 times a year)
$371 coinsurance per day (days 61-90) $742 per day after 90 days
$185.50 coinsurance per day (days 21-100)
20% coinsurance for all costs

Basic Medicare Part B

$148.50 per month (adjustable based on income)
$203 per year
20% for all services after deductible is met
20% coinsurance for all costs

Basic Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B Deductable

Medicare Part B Coinsurnace

Medicare Durable Medical Equipment

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

What is the difference?
medicare supplement

Medicare Supplement

  • A secondary plan that pays after Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Nationally standardized plan levels, coverage, and Doctors network across all carriers.
  • No annual time frame restrictions on plan or carrier changes.
  • Average monthly premium costs beginning around $150.
medicare advantage

Medicare Advantage

  • A replacement private plan for Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Wide variety of HMO and PPO plans with differing levels of coverage and coverage areas.
  • Annual coverage level with price lock and guarantee.
  • Monthly premiums costs can range from $0 to $500.

Why Should I Shop Different Carriers?

Medicare Supplements are legally and nationally standardized in three main ways: the benefits, doctor’s network, and claims-paying processes. The only variable is monthly premium cost which varies carrier to carrier. These plans can be changed any time throughout the year. Unfortunately, since we get older every year premium costs will go up. Things like the cost of provider services and inflation also affect premiums each year. You may shop you Medicare Advantage Plan at the end of each year October 15th through December 7th. Every year Medicare Advantage Plans can change to offer better and wider coverage. Annually compare your options to find the right coverage at the right cost.

Premium Percentage Increase Over 10 Years

  • Policy owner with the same MedSupp policy for 10 years.
  • Policy shoppper with a new MedSupp policy each year.
*Based on annual average rate of Medicare Supplement premiums
How much will Medicare cost me?
Typically, Medicare Part A is covered by SSI for you and Medicare Part A is $144.60 per month. A Medicare Part D, used to cover prescriptions, is on average $23 a month and a Medigap plan can range from $0 to on average $150 monthly.
How do I sign up for Medicare?
To sign up for Medicare, please visit https://www.ssa.gov/benefits/medicare/
You can also make an appointment at a local social security office, however, if you can sign up online that will be by far the easiest way.
When do I sign up for Medicare?
Typically, you should send in your Medicare and Social Security applications three months before you want them to become active. You can do this at 64.75 years old or if you are still working wait for the three months prior to retirement.
Do I have to sign up for Medicare?
No. However, while you will be signed up for Medicare Part A automatically, Part B requires action on your part. If you choose not to sign up for Medicare’s Part B or D you will begin accruing a penalty that will be paid monthly for as long as you have Part B and D after signing up. Most private coverages will not cover individuals eligible for Medicare after 65 years of age.
How do I compare Part D plans?
Through the Medicare site (https://www.medicare.gov/plan-compare/#/?lang=en) you can compare all of the plans in your area based on the costs per plan and your cost per prescription currently taking. You should always filter the resulting plans by annual cost so that the least expensive plan all costs included is filed at the top of the options page.
What is Medicare Part C? Do I have to sign up for it?
Medicare Part C is another name for a Medicare Advantage Plan. This is NOT a required part of Medicare but actually a replacement for Medicare as your primary coverage. A Medicare Advantage plan will help to minimalize your out of pocket costs for medical services by providing you with a Medicare approved PPO or HOM.

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