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During enrollment and special enrollment periods, you may change policies with the help of a licensed insurance agent to find a plan to fit your needs.
Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage
What's the difference?
Medicare Supplement
  • A secondary plan that helps pay after Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Nationally standardized plan levels, coverage, and Doctors network across all carriers.
  • No annual time frame restrictions on plan or carrier changes.
Medicare Advantage
  • A replacement private plan for Medicare Parts A and B.
  • Wide variety of HMO and PPO plans with differing levels of coverage and coverage areas.
  • Annual coverage level with price lock and guarantee.
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Why Should I Shop Different Carriers?

Medicare Supplements are legally and nationally standardized in three main ways: the benefits, doctor’s network, and claims-paying processes. The only variable is monthly premium cost which varies carrier to carrier. These plans can be changed any time throughout the year. Unfortunately, since we get older every year premium costs will go up. Things like the cost of provider services and inflation also affect premiums each year. You may shop you Medicare Advantage Plan at the end of each year October 15th through December 7th. Every year Medicare Advantage Plans could change to offer better and wider coverage. Annually compare your options to find the right coverage at the right cost.

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